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Conflict coaching is a one-on-one process which helps to navigate difficult  interpersonal relationships. These difficult challenges may be with a partner, a spouse, parent/child, a boss or an employee. Going through 4-5 coaching sessions enables the client in moving forward.  

All About Conflict Coaching

Many of us have to deal with difficult interpersonal relationships in our personal or professional lives.

These challenges can appear insurmountable. No matter how we try to resolve the issue or issues with the person and move beyond conflict, nothing seems to work. 

When the dispute has reached an impasse it is best to enlist the help of a professional neutral third party who can help you explore and understand the conflict dynamics of the situation.     

Conflict Coaching is a powerful structured process which assists an individual look deeply at a specific conflict situation. The process is  

  •  Future-oriented.

  • Supports clients to work systematically through understanding their own and others needs.

  • Helps clients to understand their own emotions and the challenges of different conflict styles.  

  • Helps client develop and test an action plan to achieve healthy goals. 

  • Helps client develop better communication skills. 

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