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In family mediation a professionally trained family  mediator facilitates a process where separating couples can work out a parenting plan, sort out financial arrangements and any other practical details following separation. The needs of the child are always central in negotiations. 

All About Family Mediation

Information for Children

Family Mediation helps couples, and families address all the practical matters arising out of the end of a relationship, including parenting, the family home, and finances. 

The process is flexible and adapted to the circumstances of the case. Parties will work in a combination of single and joint sessions and children’s voices can also be brought into the process, directly or indirectly.

Family mediation usually takes place over a number of 2 hourly sessions. How many sessions are required depends on the complexity of the circumstances.

Some circumstances which can preclude mediation include

  • Concerns for the safety of either party or the children.

  • Lack of full disclosure of personal and financial circumstances,

  • Lack of willingness to engage with the process and undue influence. 

Mediators have an ongoing duty to ensure that a case is suitable for mediation. If there are any concerns, these will be make known to all parties straight away, and if they cannot be resolved the mediator will be obliged to terminate the mediation process. 

At the end of the process, a written agreement known as a Mediation Agreement will be produced. When signed by both parties this becomes a legally binding agreement. It can also form the basis of a legal agreement/consent court order for separation or divorce.

Family mediation fees are usually charged per hour or per session and are generally shared equally between the parties.

All types of families are welcome in mediation, marital, non-marital, same sex, with children or without, and blended families.

 If you are going through a separation, divorce, or relationship breakdown get in touch and learn more about how mediation can assist you in moving beyond conflict.  Your first phone consultation is free.

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Children In Mediation

As a specialist in family mediation, I have you and your children at the heart of what I do. 

Family breakdown either through divorce or separation can be scary and confusing for children.

Committing and working towards an agreement with the interests of your children at heart will help them to move towards a more positive future. 

As parents a workable solution for all will help maintain your life-long parental link as a positive connection.

To find out more about different options when separating, have a look at this short information video, produced by the Courts Service and the Office of the Ombudsman for Children.

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