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Going to court to solve disputes, whether they arise in the course of your business or private life, is an arduous, time consuming, expensive and often traumatic process. Important relationships can be damaged, and the solution imposed by a court can prove to be unworkable.

All About Mediation

   Mediation has many advantages over court proceedings, including the following:

  • Cost-effectiveness. As a rule, mediation costs are substantially lower than those of court proceedings.

  • Time-saving – Mediation can resolve complex disputes in as little as a day. There are no court waiting lists or adjournments.

  • Independence – The parties to the mediation control the process, and the outcome. No agreement or solution will be imposed; it is created by the parties.

  • Preservation of relationships and confidentiality – Mediation can help preserve important private and commercial relationships. It is completely confidential, and nothing will be publicised. Even if the dispute does later end up in court, none of the content of the mediation can be disclosed.

  • Creativity – mediation is a more flexible way of resolving disputes, as the parties can be creative about how they wish to come to an agreement.

  •  Mediation is increasingly becoming the method of choice for resolving disputes with more flexibility and ownership of the process by its participants, both in Ireland and abroad. Judges are very much in favour of mediated solutions and will often recommend parties try mediation before going to full hearing.

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