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Meet Catherine

Professional Mediator & Conflict Coach

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Hello, my name is Catherine O'Brien, founder of Empowering Resolutions. I am a Mii accredited Mediator and Conflict Management Coach. I completed my Mediation and Conflict Coaching training at the Edward M. Kennedy Institute, at Maynooth University in 2017 and 2018 respectively. 


I am passionate about peace building and wanting the best for all concerned so that people can live happy, self determining, empowered lives. 


I see the use of conflict resolution techniques as an opportunity for creative growth for families, businesses, communities and societies. Enabling them to take care of their interests whilst respecting the needs of the other.


My role as a facilitator is to hold a safe space for clients and enable them to explore their intrapersonal & interpersonal conflicts.

During the process I allow fears and feelings to surface, this enables communication to open up so that clients deeper needs can be heard & expressed.

When these deeper needs are acknowledged healing occurs and new creative pathways  open up and solutions found. 


Collaborative solutions based on consent and self interest empower people to take responsibility for their lives.


I have a background in education and business as well as first hand experience of the challenges of family life having raised 3 children. These responsibilities led me to explore and discover many different creative processes to improve and enhance patterns in my own thinking. 


Today  I offer Mediation and Conflict Coaching in the following areas


  • Family Disputes -  separation, divorce, maintenance and child support, child access, guardianship, division of assets,  elder mediation and inheritance disputes.

  • Employment disputes including, workplace bullying, management/staff relationships.

  • Small Business employer and employee disputes and Business partner disputes.

  • Neighbour dispute and landlord-tenant disputes.


In my work I bring valuable life experience, with a deep understanding of intrapersonal & interpersonal dynamics. 


The old adage "a problem shared is a problem halved" are wise words" but in the case of conflict, sharing with our friends or families can "add fuel to the fire" and escalate the conflict. Seeking the right help is important. 


All the great spiritual teachers say that change begins with ourselves and that we have the power to choose what we will become. I am honoured to support anyone who is interested in finding compassionate, peaceful resolutions.


Feel free to contact me on 0838929426 for an initial free consultation.  


Call  0838929426  

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