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Updated: Sep 15, 2022

Change is inevitable in life and yet we often resist it. Many of us want to change but simply don’t

know how to do it. Change can be frightening so we resist, but fear of the unknown can result in clinging to status quo behaviours-no matter how bad they are.

We may read self help articles/ books/ watch YouTube videos and even reach out for help but the fundamental changes we would like to make can still elude us. We may be afraid of the loss and

uncertainty attached to change. Sometimes the inconvenience of change is just too inconvenient. Letting go and allowing change to enter our lives depends on some inner belief in another possibility, another way.

The Eastern Wisdom traditions speak a lot about the impermanence of life and the inevitability of change. In everyone’s life, major events occur at some stage that brings big changes. This could be the loss of a loved one, break up of a family or loss of a Job. On a global level right now major changes are occurring in many people’s lives due to Climate Change and wars.

During these times people are often thrown into a cycle of grief and loss. Understanding Kobler Ross’s Grief Cycle or change Curve which has five stages, can help us to help others going through major change. These 5 stages are as follows, shock, denial, anger, bargaining, depression and finally acceptance..

Embracing change is a courageous act which you’ll find the universe will respond to. Wanting to change ourselves is the beginning of the journey. This change needs to be done gently and slowly if it is to become permanent change. Take baby steps. Having a realistic goal, set you intention and allow the steps to arise naturally from within. Follow this inner voice don’t just listen to the voice of ego and force yourself into change it won’t last.

Everything has its own natural rhythm so allow time for change. Appreciate the path. The path should be as rewarding as the goal. Small successes are big. Each little success builds your reservoir of self-esteem. Good Luck!

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